Child Custody Evaluations


Child Custody Evaluations in Chicago

Modern families come from many different walks of life and with partners with varied experiences, and understandings of money, how to express love and with different ideas on how to parent their children. Either or both partners may belong to different races or religion or subscribe to sexual orientations or norms outside of traditionally accepted ones. 

Divorce can exacerbate existing differences, and can place new demands on a fragile family system. Custody issues concerning children are some of the most contentious and emotional ones that can arise during a divorce; the ways in which parents seek to resolve them can affect the well-being of their family often for years to come. 

However, prevalent child custody assessments and parenting plans can fail to keep up with the modern family's growing diversity. Child custody evaluations can fail to factor in how the gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and race can affect family dynamics; not understanding them within the legal system post-divorce especially can perpetuate family dysfunctions or fail to provide a complete blue-print for the family's health in the future.

The best child custody evaluations are ones which are sustainable, inclusive and tailored to a family's unique needs. The best child custody evaluation recommendations take into account the various family relationships of the child, siblings, and meet the child's evolving needs. 

As a cultural and clinical psychologist with experience in forensic assessments, Dr. Sandhya provides sensitive, culturally-nuanced, and comprehensive psychological evaluations, such as child-custody, parenting plans, immigrant hardship, political asylum, and spousal abuse evaluations. 

Dr. Shaifali Sandhya is a Cambridge and University of Chicago-educated psychologist. She is an internationally recognized and published author in the areas of family well-being, couples' relationships, divorce, and trauma. 

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Child Custody Evaluation

Dr. Sandhya offers the following child-custody related services in our Cook County and Dupage locations:

  • Interviews of children and parents, separately and jointly

  • Observation of family dynamics

  • Psychological testing for child custody evaluations

  • Designing parenting agreements around child-sharing and finance allocation

  • Review of records such as medical, mental, school documents provided by parents, attorneys, schools, banks, courts, and guardian ad litum

  • Interviews with collaterals identified by the parties ranging from neighbors, therapists, employers and teachers

  • Expert testimony

  • Assessing post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Sexual offender evaluations

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