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Immigrant Hardship

In Extreme Hardship cases, a relative of the citizen of the United States or of a legal permanent resident of the United States such as a spouse, fiancée, parent, or child of an individual may face the threat of deportation.

The purpose of the Immigrant Hardship Evaluation is to assess the unique circumstances of the client and to obtain reliable evidence to show that their removal from the country will cause extreme hardship to the qualifying relative. Many factors and considerations that comprise hardship will be considered in the evaluation, such as, but not limited to: family ties and impact; social and cultural impact; economic impact; health conditions and care; country conditions, and so forth

While each immigration situation is unique and it is our goal to provide a place where clients can feel safe, understood and respected.

Spousal Abuse 

A mental health assessment for spousal abuse will utilize collection of data in order to report the scope and nature of the abuse and it's emotional impact on you. 


In spousal abuse cases, a foreigner married to a citizen or a legal permanent resident (LPR) of the United States can file a VAWA (Violence of Women Act) petition even if the marriage ended in divorce, as long as there was a presence of domestic violence and/or abuse in the relationship.


Dr. Sandhya has expertise in understanding both overt and nuanced forms of abuse. Abuse can take many forms - verbal, physical, sexual, and/or psychological.

Sometimes, the abuse can be subtle and is not immediately obvious to others who are not in the coercive relationship.


In this assessment, collaborating evidence of medical records from hospitals, witness testimony, and police records may also be gathered. 

Trauma-Focused Assessment

Dr. Sandhya has experience providing trauma-focused assessment and psychotherapeutic services for different cultural groups. She has also offered expert consultation around understanding and responding to the impact of trauma both in local and international contexts and groups, such as in Middle-East refugees. 

Political Asylum

A political asylum evaluation can utilize the collection of information related to trauma, collateral reports, and documentation of psychological impact of the trauma from medical health providers or significant others. 

Asylum seekers can endure mistreatment, deprivation, severe abuse, and torture in their home country; their flight may be associated with political, religious, and/or ethnic persecution.

Dr. Sandhya will work collaboratively with the individual seeking asylum to put together the proof, credibility and evidence establishing all the elements related to their petition for political asylum.

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