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Pet Custody Chicago

"Courts have traditionally treated pets as personal property in such cases, but that is starting to shift as some state lawmakers and advocacy groups promote the notion that the legal system should act in the best interests of the animals."

Mele, C. (2017, March 23). When Couples Divorce, Who Gets to Keep the Dog? (Or Cat.) The New York Times.

Coparenting and Child-Custody in Chicago

"Marrying and divorcing a narcissist is rough, but co-parenting with a narcissist is almost impossible. The demands, attacks, threats, and attempts to inflict guilt are so skillful, they rattle a parent, sabotaging his or her mental health."

Personality Disorders and High-Conflict Divorce

Leonard, E. (2018, July 8). Coparenting with a narcissist. Psychology Today.


"It may seem like common sense that children will experience fewer negative impacts when their parents are able to share parenting responsibilities following divorce (e.g., cooperative coparenting). When we began our forthcoming article on divorced coparenting and parent-youth relationshipsin the Journal of Family Issues, we expected to find just that. But we didn’t."

Serrani, D. (2012, March 28). The Do's and Don'ts of Co-Parenting Well. Psychology Today.

Coparenting, Alienated Fathers, and Health

"...the research evidence linking children’s well-being to paternal presence, and the devastating effects of father-child estrangement on children, has become more robust in documenting and recognizing the unique and irreplaceable role that fathers play in their children lives. When all other variants of race, socio-economic status, health and other metrics are factored in, fatherlessness is the single biggest predictor for multiple negative outcomes among children."

Kruk, E. (2018, June 15). On Father’s Day, Remember the Alienated Father. Psychology Today.

"Enduring the experience of parental alienation is also a profound form of psychological trauma experienced by targeted parents. It is both acute and chronic, and externally inflicted. It is thus a type of domestic violence directed at the target parent. The fact that children witness such abuse of a parent also makes alienation a form of child abuse. This is perhaps the principal source of anxiety for the alienated parents, who witness the abuse of their children, and are prevented from protecting them."


Kruk, E. (2018, November 5). Life of the Alienated Parent Coping with the Trauma of Parental Alienation. Psychology Today.

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